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Arctic Wolf’s 24×7 Concierge Security™ Teams work around the clock to monitor, detect, and respond to cyberattacks before they have the chance to impact your business.   With Artic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-Service SODA (Security Optimized Data Architecture), Concierge Security Engineers have complete visibility into your environment, for triage, trusted security resource, remediation recommendation, and as-needed customization. 


SecOps SIEM, SOAR and Metadata Platforms

Today’s complex cybersecurity landscape has resulted in limited visibility, complex cybersecurity strategies with more software to patch, greater regulatory scrutiny and increased training requirements.  Furthermore, security teams turn to point products to mitigate their threat landscape.  Without a centralized cybersecurity infrastructure in place, warning signals become lost in a sea of data. 

An Arctic Wolf Concierge Security Engineer conducts daily triage, eliminates false positives, acts as your trusted security resource, provides actionable remediation recommendation, and implements customization.  The CSE does this via Arctic Wolf’s Machine Learning system in which billions of security events are processed daily, data is correlated to third party threat feeds, custom rules are executed for every customer, incidents are prioritized and the CSE’s experience and input are incorporated for improved threat detection. 

Security Hardware and Technologies

The average number of days to detect a breach is 230.  By the time you see it, the attacker – and possibly your data – are long gone. Prevention isn’t enough.
You Need Experts in Your Corner, who work as an extension of your team around the clock.

Arctic Wolf tracks 32billion observations daily, conducts an average of 765 investigations per week, and escalates 1-2 incidents to the customer per week on average.  Arctic Wolf cuts through the alert overwhelm to deliver Security Protection for your organization in a seamless comprehensive service staffed by qualified experts, proven process and outstanding technology working around the clock to fortify your security posture.