LogRhythm is a world leader in NextGen SIEM, empowering thousands of enterprises on six continents to successfully reduce cyber and operational risk by rapidly detecting, responding to and neutralizing damaging cyberthreats. The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform combines advanced security analytics; user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA); network detection and response (NDR); and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) in a single end-to-end solution. LogRhythm’s technology serves as the foundation for the world’s most modern enterprise security operations centers (SOCs), helping customers measurably secure their cloud, physical, and virtual infrastructures for both IT and OT environments.

SecOps SIEM, SOAR and Metadata Platforms

If you have a traditional SIEM solution, it may be hindering your ability to stop threats.

Your organization has made substantial investments to improve your security maturity. But your team is still struggling. There never seems to be enough resources to deal with the barrage of alarms. Analysts are spending too much time trying to understand which threats are real because they’re performing investigations across multiple platforms. And they’re wasting valuable time and resources on manual, repetitive tasks instead of focusing on more critical activities.

LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform combines patented machine-based analytics, UEBA, network detection and response, and security orchestration, automation, and response in a unified architecture, cloud-based or on-premisesLogRhythm NextGen SIEM detect threats fast and leverages security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) to expedite workflows across the entire NextGen SIEM Platform to make your team’s job easier and more efficient 

Security Hardware and Technologies

Your team needs to detect threats fast but relying solely on manual processes and fragmented workflows puts your network and your organization at risk.  As sophisticated threats attempt to breach your network at an extraordinary rate, keeping your organization safe may seem like a daunting task. You might find that your team is strapped for resources and expending valuable time sorting through a mass of log data — just to spot a true threat. When your team is racing against the clock, you need to detect and neutralize a threat fast before it wreaks havoc on your organization.

With LogRhythm, you’ll strengthen your security operations center (SOC), and ensure you are ready to face whatever threats may come your way.