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Nozomi Networks is accelerating the pace of digital transformation by pioneering innovation for OT and IoT security and visibility. Leading the industry, we make it possible to tackle escalating cyber risks to industrial and IoT networks. In a single solution, Nozomi Networks delivers visibility, threat detection and insight to thousands of the largest critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation and other industrial sites around the world. Integrated with Nozomi’s extensive partner ecosystem, organizations can have a unified view of their enterprise risks.

Security Hardware and Technologies

In the past, industrial control systems weren’t considered high risk for cyberattacks because they weren’t connected to enterprise systems or the internet. Today, the use of common technology platforms, IT/OT data sharing, and cloud-based applications and analytics have made OT systems a primary target for threat actors.

CIOs and CISOs are now expected to protect the entire IT/OT landscape, including all physical assets and industrial processes. OT cyber security needs to be part of an overall digital security strategy.

The Nozomi Networks solution is uniquely designed to facilitate IT/OT integration. We thoroughly understand industrial networks and processes, and our technology delivers superior OT visibility, real-time network monitoring and threat detection. It’s a safe solution for OT, that also provides the visibility and threat detection required by IT.

Core capabilities: Deep Packet Inspection & Protocol Analysis, Asset Discovery and Network Visualization, ICS Risk Monitoring, Dashboards and Reporting, Real-Time Process Analytics Engine, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat & Anomaly Detection and Integrations