Network Performance Management (NPM)

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Gigamon’s Visibility Platform delivers intelligent network traffic visibility and analytics across all OSI layers, solving critical performance and security needs across cloud, virtual and on-premises environments.

ExtraHop’s Performance Platform takes you from issue to packet in 3 clicks or less. Enterprise performance analytics and simplified workflow give you real-time visibility into all network traffic, including SSL/TLS.

Riverbed’s Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solution integrates SNMP, flow and packet data in a global view of hybrid cloud performance to show the network’s impact on critical business initiatives.

Infoblox provides the automation, efficiency, visibility, and security next generation data centers require, that traditional DNS, DHCP, and IPAM systems cannot. Provision VMs, manage multi-cloud environments, more in single pane of glass.

Arista EOS, CloudVision Analytics engines and CloudVision Telemetry Apps take full advantage of the state streaming infrastructure of EOS and NetDB to give Arista customers an unprecedented level of visibility into their network operations. 

Pluribus Insight Analytics facilitates network and security visibility to speed MTTR. Our application- and business-transaction awareness eliminates the need to align raw packets to visualize flows, trends and correlation.