Pluribus Networks delivers an open, controllerless software-defined network fabric for modern data centers, multi-site data centers and distributed cloud edge environments. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric controllerless SDN architecture distributes state and intelligence throughout the network fabric and is optimized to deliver rich and highly secure per-tenant services across data center sites with simple operations and no single point of failure. Pluribus unifies and automates physical and virtual networking and fits into distributed and compact environments found in emerging edge compute deployments.

Network Performance Management (NPM)

Network visibility and analytics can often require expensive and difficult to deploy tap and probe hardware.  Existing solutions to extract business value from an entire existing network in the data center, campus or branch have historically been difficult to deploy.

Pluribus Insight Analytics facilitates network and security visibility to speed MTTR. Our application- and business-transaction awareness eliminates the need to align raw packets to visualize flows, trends and correlation.  Pluribus Insight Analytics is also fully interoperable with third party networks flows and packet analytics to broader enterprise networking deployments ranging from campus to data center. 

SDNs, SD-WANs and WAN Optimization

Powering the Software-Defined Data Center with Open Networking Switching

The growing adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) has further broadened the deployment, and established the viability and economic benefits, of open networking hardware concepts beyond the hyperscale operators.

Pluribus Networks delivers open networking solutions featuring a unique next-generation software-defined networking (SDN) fabric for modern single- and multi-site data centers and distributed cloud edge compute environments.