To maximize productivity, you need to ensure that business apps perform as expected. That data is always available when needed. And that performance issues are quickly resolved. The Riverbed Digital Performance Platform helps transform powerful network- and cloud-based apps that connect people, businesses, and experiences in our digital world.  Riverbed’s Digital Performance Platform includes a combination of Digital Experience Management and Digital Networking solutions that ensure superior digital and user experiences, provides new levels of operational agility and accelerates business outcomes. 

Network Performance Management (NPM)

With today’s hybrid cloud architectures, maintaining a high-performing and secure network requires a broad view across IT domains.

SteelCentral Network Performance Management makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze what’s happening across your hybrid network environment. With end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, you can quickly and proactively resolve any network-based performance issues with our NPM solutions.  SteelCentral is the only end-to-end solution that blends device-based end user experience, infrastructure, application, and network monitoring to give you a holistic view of your users’ digital experience.


Application Performance Management (APM)

Microservices deployed in containers across dynamic cloud infrastructure have created a transient, distributed environment at a scale we have never seen before. As a result, the old ways of scaling APM—sampled transactions, incomplete traces, aggregate metrics—are no longer working. The detail that matters is lost and this is becoming painfully obvious as legacy APM tools in place fail to diagnose why crucial business applications are still slow or stalling.

Aternity APM takes a scalable big data approach to monitoring cloud-native applications that delivers unified visibility across the modern application ecosystem, is easy to deploy and manage, and results in faster troubleshooting for even the toughest performance problems.

SDNs, SD-WANs and WAN Optimization

Conventional router-based WANs have proven to be highly complex and rigid for today’s multi-cloud and mobile business environment. A radically different approach to WAN is necessary to support the dynamic needs of your digital transformation. Unshackle your network from the high cost of MPLS networks, challenges of CLI management, rigidity of static network and frailty of the router-based WAN.

Save over 5X the cost of MPLS networks and boost 33X performance of on-premise, cloud and SaaS applications. Transform your WAN into a competitive advantage with Riverbed Software-Defined WAN. Simplify the way your WAN is designed, deployed and managed. Build a business intent network with automated provisioning, simplified orchestration, policy driven application steering, centrally managed state-of-the-art safeguards, SaaS and Cloud application acceleration, and unified visibility from Data Center to IaaS platforms.